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We are a media production company covering all the latest technologies, we duplicate discs, convert formats and film events. We provide a high quality, totally confidential service to discerning clients!

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meet the team

  • Graham
  • Lucy - Post Room
  • Casper - Quality Control
  • Danny the Duplicator
  • Percy the Printer

Price List


Price List

We, as a company, work very much along the lines of producing a product you want. We are happy to tailor any project to your requirements.
With this in mind, please use this price list as a guideline as to the price you will pay if you request the services described in each section.
If you wish to use us to complete any additional work, we will discuss with you in depth your requirements and the costs involved.

We do not use direct to disc copying from a vhs player to a dvd recorder. This can often result in discs that do not work for clients, as the recording format is not a typical dvd-video.
We capture each tape to a computer, encode and burn it to a dvd. Our prices therefore are not the cheapest you’ll but we are confident our quality will be the best you’ll find. This gives you excellent value for money.

All of the prices below are for standard PAL video tapes converted to standard PAL DVD’s or files.

We can capture many NTSC tapes, including VHS/Betamax and some camcorder tapes and then make you an NTSC DVD or digital file. The prices are as below.
See below for pricing for PAL to NTSC or NTSC to PAL.


VHS / S-VHS / Betamax / VHS-C / Minidv / Video 8 / Hi-8  and Digital 8 camcorder Tape Conversion

1 tape to 1 dvd text printing on disc and basic image and text printing to dvd case sleeve £20

1 tape to 1 DVD full colour image printed to disc, image and text printing to dvd case sleeve £25

To a Computer/phone/iPad file1 tape converted to a digital file – £15


A VHS/Betamax tape can sometimes contain 3 hours or more of video. We can put this onto one dvd, but be aware that the quality can suffer. High quality dvds contain no more than 1 hour of video. We recommend no more than 1 1/2 hours of video to one dvd.


All of the above tape formats to 2 or more dvds, prices as above plus £10 per extra dvd produced. These dvds are supplied in a multi dvd case designed for 2 or 4 dvds.


We supply your dvd with a titled menu which links to your video. The DVD will have auto chapter points making it easy to fast forward or rewind to points in your dvd. The time will differ depending on length of movie. It is generally every two minutes for short movies and every 3 minutes for longer ones.

If your tape contains several different videos, to say holidays in different years, we can produce a menu with links through to each holiday, so you can watch them individually or just from start to finish. This would be at extra cost depending on how many links we need to make.


Audio Cassette to CD

1 tape to 1 CD, The CD will be printed with text and supplied in a clear clamshell case £20

Audio Cassette to computer/phone/iPad file
1 tape converted to a digital file £15


Cine Film to DVD

We can arrange for your cine film to be captured frame by frame using a specialist telecine machine. This is by far the preferred method for ultra high quality transfer. The downside is the cost. Please contact us for an individual quotation.
Otherwise we can capture your cine film ourselves.  We can project it onto a specially prepared surface and capture using one of our professional model camcorders.  By carefully balancing the settings for each capture we can provide you with an excellent quality product, without flicker.

Again it is best to contact us for a specific quote as it depends on whether you have lots of small 3″ reels of cine film or large 9″ reels.  As an approximate cost you would be looking at £1 per minute to capture and digitise. Producing a dvd would be on top of this if required beginning at £5.

We can also supply you with a file suitable for your computer, phone or tablet such as an iPad.


Vinyl Record to CD

We recognise the fact that many people have vinyl records still, but no means of playing them. We are happy to digitise your collection for your own personal playback. Text printed to cd and supplied in a clear clamshell case
1 x 33rpm Album to 1 x CD £20
1 x 33rpm album to a digital file £15


Mini Disc to CD

1 x mini disc to 1 x cd £20
1 x mini disc to 1 x digital file £15


All of the above prices include VAT.
Postage and packing is charged at cost price.


Standards Conversion (PAL>NTSC or NTSC>PAL) work is completed on a per hour basis. We charge £25 per hour for the work we complete on your files and/or tapes.  This doesn’t included time taken to capture.


Duplication costs

Item Quantity Duplication Printing Dup and print Std black case 2 way case 4 way case Wrapper Case insert Clam shell Plastic sleeve
Jewel case
cd / dvd duplication >10 £1.45 £0.99 £2.15 £0.20 £0.25 £0.55 £0.10 £0.95 £0.20 £0.09
10 > 49 £1.35 £0.95 £2.00 £0.18 £0.24 £0.50 £0.10 £0.89 £0.19 £0.09
50 > 99 £1.25 £0.89 £1.90 £0.16 £0.23 £0.49 £0.09 £0.85 £0.18 £0.09
100 > 499 £1.10 £0.75 £1.70 £0.15 £0.21 £0.48 £0.09 £0.85 £0.17 £0.70
500 > 999 £0.90 £0.75 £1.45 £0.14 £0.20 £0.48 £0.08 £0.80 £0.17 £0.07
1,000 > 5,000 £0.80 £0.70 £1.40 £0.14 £0.19 £0.47 £0.08 £0.75 £0.16 £0.07



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21 Mar

Chess DVDs

DVDs 2 Treasure have secured the copyright to a series of Chess DVDs, previously owned by Grandmaster Ray Keene OBE. We used to produce these dvds for Ray, but as his time is now concentrated on other media activities, rather than see them disappear again, as they did in the 1980's, we decided to take over ownership. The set consists of Duels of the Mind, Prelude to Armageddon and Great British Chess Triumphs. These classic dvds contain lots of historical footage and some never shown on TV as a strike at the BBC prevented it being shown and then it was thought lost forever. You can purchase these dvds on our eBay shop eBay shop Or from our authorised reseller Product Nation via Amazon Amazon Shop  

21 Mar

New Facebook page

Finally moved DVDs 2 Treasure into the 21st century by having our own Facebook page, click on the link top right!

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